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Blood, sea, pixels. | #&more

The personal weblog of Daniel Victor Simac with posts on the three major areas of his life: medicine (blood), tourism (sea), hobbies (pixels).
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Diagnosing Macroamylasemia | #doctor
Case Report

Macroamylasemia is a curious condition marked by hyperamylasemia without any other signs or symptoms, most frequently caused by immunoglobulin-amylase complexes that cannot be secreted normally by the kidneys. It usually requires no additional investigation, but must be taken into consideration to avoid unnecessary diagnostics and treatment, which burden both the patient and the healthcare system.
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Morska Grota | #hotelier
Opened summer 2014, multi-building complex with apartments and rooms for tourists during summer, located in Povile, overlooking a harbour. Accommodations are modest and affordable, our first summer saw several satisfied customers.

Also check out Villa Kanata, freshly built bed and breakfast, https://morskagrota.com/

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